Empowering you to find health within yourself

pneemo® Atemtakter is a simple breathing trainer. Immediately usable and immediately effective.

As a non-medicated therapy for a number of health conditions, pneemo® unlocks your inner self-healing power of slow-paced breathing. Scientists believe this is the key to better health, and pneemo® uses this to optimise your breathing to signal to the body that you're sleeping, triggering a relaxed state of regeneration and repair.

With pneemo®, you can control your breathing to control your life.

Proven to change your life

Simplicity that works

pneemo® is a very simple device that guides your breathing to follow a rhythm that is scientifically proven to improve your health.

Its gentle vibrations follow a medically optimised 4-6 pattern, pausing for 4 seconds then vibrating for 6 seconds, which repeats for 15 minutes. With pneemo® in hand, simply inhale during the 4-second pauses and exhale during the 6-seconds vibrations. 50% of people experience a physiological benefit after just 3 minutes, increasing to 100% after 10 minutes. It really doesn’t take long for you to regain control over a situation, achieving calm and relaxation.

pneemo is there for you.
It helps at any time and in any situation.

Change the lives of millions of people

Every year, billions of euros are spent on medication for stress and high blood pressure. But there is a much simpler solution: pneemo® Atemtakter.

This life-changing, scientifically proven device unlocks your body's ability to heal itself.

From stress, to anxiety, to fear, to hypertension, you already have the power to overcome the situation within you; all you need is pneemo®'s guidance.

pneemo® presses the pause button on life, giving you time to recuperate, by simply focusing on properly inhaling and exhaling.

By learning how to control your breathing, you can tackle your life with renewed energy, confidence and calm.

Join us. Help people. Make a profit.

We invite you to become a part of this movement. Your recommendation to friends, family, self-help groups, clinics, emergency services, nursing homes, addiction centres, therapists and social education services will help many people to find a solution to an acute problem or to achieve a better therapeutic outcome. Write to us without obligation for a great information package.

Take back control

Within minutes, pneemo® helps the user control anxiety, sleep disorders and reduce high blood pressure.

Improve your health

Controlled, slow-paced breathing can contribute to improving the results of psychological and physical therapies.

pneemo® supports the healing of lung diseases, lack of concentration, ADHD, and helps with menopause and during childbirth.

Facilitate emergency repsonse

pneemo® is the perfect aid for emergency services and in war zones. Self-explanatory, reliable and inexpensive, it helps relatives and victims come to and rest in minutes.

Join us. Help people. Make a profit.

We invite you to become an ambassador for better breathing. Change your life and the lives of others, all while making a profit for yourself. Would you like to learn more? Sign up to receive our exclusive information package.


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