Thomas Flatt, Founder

Congratulations on your courage to be different!

You are ready to try something new. The world belongs to those who are curious and can accept new ways of thinking.

You are interested in better breathing – slow-paced breathing. This way of breathing is scientifically proven to work immediately against stress and, if practised regularly, it has a lasting effect. We would like to make this self-healing device available to as many people as possible. It eliminates the need for an unnecessary medication and complicated rituals. The best solutions are simple ones and pneemo® Atemtatker could not be simpler.

Recommend pneemo® to anyone who is burdened by stress, anxiety, panic, insomnia, high blood pressure, respiratory illness and much more. With our Ambassadors for Better Breathing programme, we give 50% of our profits back to people who care and who help others.

Please see the short presentation on how our system works. Take a look at the draft contact and sign up with 0% risk 0% investment. Your data is safe and we will never share it. We are always approachable and you are welcome to visit our office in the heart of Basel.

I look forward to meeting you!


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How should I proceed

It's very simple. Typically, you proceed as described on the flowchart. We believe it is important that you first get to know pneemo® and test it yourself. It will convince you. 

If you think you can help other people with pneemo®, sign up as an ambassador below. 

Do you have any questions? Chat with us or write to us. 

Hotline +41 61 508 16 69

Ambassador contract and general terms and conditions

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Contract for Independent Ambassadors for Better Breathing.pdf

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Download the ambassador contract here, fill in the yellow fields and save it.


Fill out the registration form and upload the completed ambassador contract within. Having problems? Don't worry, you can also send it by email to kundendienst@pneemo.ch

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