The human body plays music like an orchestra

Each system, and the organs within, is a different instrument. In order for all instruments to play together, they need percussive cues – a drummer to keep them in time. The drummer of the human body is the reticular activating system (RAS) in the brain. This bundle of nerves receives information from the outside world via our senses1. Just as an orchestra reacts to the audience’s response to its music, the instruments of the human body react to the information it receives from its audience (i.e. the senses) via the RAS. It filters the information and coordinates the body’s response.

An orchestra is directed by a conductor, whose rhythm overrides that of the drummer. All instruments must pay attention to the conductor’s cues, so they can continue to play in unison. In the human body, there is no conductor – only the RAS to maintain a rhythm. The pneemo® Atemtakter functions as the body’s conductor by providing an overriding rhythm that keeps the instruments of the body playing in perfect harmony.